Company Profile

DMW, a state of art media advertising, visual effects and event management company, it will be one of the best digital infrastructure, design outfits, global connectivity and some of the best creative minds of advertising, media, graphic industry, entertainment software development and mega game development.

DMW will be one of the most unique solution providers to creative groups of its kind. The company brand based itself in Bangalore, Mumbai, California, Canada and Singapore making dream media works as an international brand visual effects company. It will provide high-end animation, film special effects solution, innovative solutions of procedures on branding, media planning, program, brand positioning & campaigns.

DMW will heads all proceedings from Bangalore and Decentralized marketing and media planning on the various locations mentioned above.

DMW is a full service digital effects house offering the latest in computer animation, compositing and motion capture technology. DMW is a Company of large team of professional supervisors, animators, compositors and programmers have been assembled to create 2D and 3D animation for Film, television and commercials, bringing clients the highest quality visual effects at a fraction of the cost. From the initial script breakdown stage to bidding, through delivery of final effects, DMW is an invaluable asset to any production. Although our costs are way below Hollywood market price, this does not impact the quality of work in any way.