Sound Stage :

We at dream live hold our expertise in putting together large staging of multiple levels with intricate concepts, massive castings within house staging designers incorporated with film technology stage maker. We could construct and design multi level stages that could be rigged to high end hydraulicsystem that could actually raise large portion of stage while th performances are happening in live. We create sound stage technology, this concept is widely used in abroad for reating detailed footages in moving environments on one simple piece platform that could raised vertically, diagonally with added effect. This helps in creation of realism.


Sound technology being one of the most expensive parts of event it also needs the best technicality in bringing in the best sound effects. We follow very unique sound reinforcement techniques that would bring in the same effect of home theatre inopen air that is a surround sound effects and array sound effects with these techniues one could bring sound barriers around the audience of a very large magnitude, with these techniques we could bring in concepts like drive in theatres and live symphony theatres capacity.