Based on hybrid of SGI and Intel based systems, Dream Media Works has departments for character animation, 3d camera tracking, and 3d computer graphic effects, 2d digital composing, 35mm scanning and recording and Roto / paint. The company is equipped with 2d oftware using cineon, Shake, Chalice, Elastic reality, matador and Ice. In addition to state-of-the-art systems and software, dream media works provides clients with superior visual effects super vision. With this process new backgrounds can
replace old Backgrounds in the scene along with characters and props. Over all lighting can also be adjusted.

Our visual effects supervisor, brings to Dream Media Works clients years of industry experience as they oversee high profile projects from conception to completion.

Ground breaking CG is created at Dream Media Works with Maya,Max, Houdini, softimage, US Animation, Animator, Flash,Combustion, Aftereffects and many in-house software packages that give dream media works an edge to create effects for practical budget and schedule. Dream Media Works is highly regarded for creating animals in various television commercials. In addition to synthetic character, dream media works is well-known for complex characters in motion pictures.

early days of animation, the only way to give characters motion was to use the painstakingly slow and expensive process of key frame animation. these frame-by-frame procedures are difficult, time consuming and doesn't capture subtlety of human and animal movement. Fortunately, there is a more efficient and less expensive way to quickly bring your character to life. Advance in optical and computer technology have made it possible to collect human or animal motion from live performance and apply it directly to computer generated virtual characters.

This process called motion capture (MOCAP) others MOCAP technologies that use magnetic and mechanical system are neither as efficient nor as accurate as Dream Media Works optical MOCAP system. Dream Media Works offers a full service motion captures facility comprised of a team of professional technicians and programmers utilizing state-of-the-art optical motion capture technology. The active optical motion capture system at DMW has numerous benefits to save clients time and money while still providing the most accurate motion.

This is the process by which old film or heavily damaged original negatives can be restored to the original print quality. With this process pin holes, film scratches and dust can be removed from the original negative

By this process wires or other elements which popup in the frame can be removed. Wires from which the actors hang for action sequences can be blended into the frame.

Unwanted camera shake can eliminated and sot stabilization undertaken for the required footage.

Huge crowds and large gathering of people can be generated with a short of small number of people.

With this process new backgrounds can replace old Backgrounds in the scene along with characters and props. Over all lighting can also be adjusted.